Having a Great Relationship is easier than you may think!

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There are 3 ingredients that are required to have and create a great relationship as a couple:

  1. The DESIRE to collaborate with your partner in creating a great relationship by actively expanding your capacity to love and be loved.
  2. The WILLINGNESS to honor your own strengths, weaknesses, quirks, and ways of being…and that of your partner’s.
  3. The COMMITMENT to find common ground, collaboratively communicate, and honor each others individuality as well as a couple.


Welcome to Love Him Love Her where our mission is to create more love, connection, joy, and intimacy in couples relationships.

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For couples who want to learn about developing open, intimate, emotionally connecting, and honest communication with each other.  This DIY personal program for couples includes 15 Online lessons (with worksheets, videos, fun pictures, and exercises).

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“Hot Button” Laser Session

The Hot Button program is for you if your relationship is mostly on solid ground— there’s just ONE issue that keeps coming up and it’s holding your relationship back! You just want some refreshing insight, some new tools for relating with your partner, and a plan to move past this sticking point with guaranteed results.

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For couples who want to know how to expand beyond what their relationship is today and connect on a much deeper, intimate, interdependent, and unifying level with the use of the BEST couple’s self-awareness tool on the planet!

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